Žanr: Komedija

Ocjena: 6.1

Godina: 2015

Glavni glumci: Rupert Grint, Ron Perlman, Robert Sheehan, Stephen Campbell Moore, Tom Audenaert, Kevin Bishop, Eric Lampaert, Erika Sainte, Jay Benedict, John Flanders, Dan Poole, Andrew Blumenthal, James Cosmo, Julien Jakout, Arnaud Peiffer,

Režiser: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet

Scenarist: Dean Craig

Trajanje filma: 107 min

Datum Premijere: 15 Jan 2016

Država: France

IMDB Link: Moonwalkers

Kratak Sadržaj: What if Apollo 11 never actually made it? What if, in reality, Stanley Kubrick secretly shot the famous images of the moon landing in a studio, working for the US administration? This is the premise of a totally plausible conspiracy theory that takes us to swinging sixties London, where a stubborn CIA agent will never find Kubrick but instead is forced to team up with a lousy manager of a seedy rock band to develop the biggest con of all time, in this riotous, high-tempo action-comedy.

Moonwalkers (2015) TrailerTrailer - Moonwalkers (2015)

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